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Do You Need Advice?
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Oh, there's advice in here all right. But, you probably won’t find much (if any) Psych 101 college course terminology. No dissecting and labeling personality traits in order to diagnose or explain the troubles we have.

Fact is we have trouble because we’re human, and we all pretty much stink! If you can accept this fact, you’ve come to the right place.

So...what can you expect? Picture of feather duster

Funny Advice and Opinions in the Form of...

Dr. Julia Chicken,

a major contributor to the work that goes on around here, has years of experience as a counselor.

Her collaboration adds a different perspective and a second opinion – which should clear up any doubts as to whether I’m right or not.

Take some time to browse through segments of actual counseling sessions with Dr. Julia and her more prominent characters...err, patients.

Seeing Julia Chicken interact with her patients may very well be all the funny advice you need!

But... how would you like to know what goes on Behind The Scenes With Dr. Julia?

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  • See sketches, cartoons... er, "snapshots", and exciting, upcoming projects and animated shorts (peeks into their early, uncut stages!) that we're working on.

    And who doesn't want to know...

  • How much does Dr. Julia charge for an hour of counseling?
  • (Truth is, I haven't a clue and I doubt we'll get a straight answer.)

    If that isn't enough...

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  • Not to mention *BTS CHAT where subscribers seem to be talking in code and laughing at inside jokes.

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