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How to Prevent Divorce

I am sure that a lot of people have a lot of ideas when it comes to "how to prevent divorce". I can't tell you what those ideas are because... I rarely listen to what others say.

However, one evening while I was having deep thoughts I too had an idea on the subject. There is ONE important factor (and I am most confidant in saying so) that if missing, you won't ever be successful when it comes to divorce prevention.

I want to offer some food (and drink) for thought on how to prevent divorce and the importance of staying together - I hope you have the appetite for it.

Has Your Marriage Soured?

Cartoon of a happy mouse and a piece Swiiss cheese.

Fresh milk is loaded with cream... especially in the spring. Should we leave the milk undisturbed for a spell, cream rises and settles on the top.

Eventually, we use the cream. It is the sweetest part, but it is also the smallest part of the milk.

Soon we are left with good, whole milk. We enjoy it for a time, but milk is short lived. Even though we may do our best to keep the milk at a proper temperature, the milk will sour.

Now a days, most folks are of the mind to pour the spoiled milk down the drain at the first unpleasant whiff. Some may not even notice that way back in the refrigerator sits milk that has curdled long ago.

Who wouldn't be shocked when clumps of smelly chunks come plopping into their glass instead of that white, creamy milk they married? Our first thought is that it's over. It's no good anymore. There is no way it ever could be a delicious glass of milk again. And we are absolutely right.

I think it may be that we go into this milk thing with unrealistic expectations. Oh sure, we understand that there's only a small portion of cream. We expect that to go quickly. What we didn't expect was the milk to sour.

We heard that it sours in some people's refrigerators, but we still had hope that somehow, if kept cold enough, it had no real expiration date.

Fact is, new milk drinkers, milk does and WILL sour. It's called life. It's what happens. Question is, are you patient enough to find out what will become of that smelly milk?

If you hold your nose and resist the urge to pour that spoiled milk down the drain, as time goes by, several interesting transitions occur.

After some time (and it indeed may feel very long) you may find yourself with curds that, although not the most scrumptious on their own, they are quite good with peaches.

Then something scary starts to happen... Bacteria! Mold! This is the time to toss it, no? It seems pretty hopeless. What can possibly be done with it now?

Well, if we're brave enough to hold out a little longer, we end up with some pretty good cheese.

Cheese... hardy, nourishing. Good on sandwiches, crackers, great with fruit and wine. Enjoy alone or share at parties.

Cheese is pretty good, I gotta tell ya. And if you knock it over, it doesn't spill - it's just not as messy as that fickle milk.

I guess what I'm saying is, understand - milk does spoil, you will cry when it's spilled, and hold your nose and wait for cheese!

Even though we may have different expectations, it doesn't mean that what we really have is all that bad. Take a look at this little rhyme for children to see what I mean.

Staying Together Is the Most Important Way to
Prevent Divorce!

I write this to all that are about to marry, newly married, and even to those that have been married just long enough for it to seem long enough.

I am not addressing any particular marriage problem here (and I am fully aware of the vast variety that exist) but there is no better way to prevent divorce besides simply sticking it out.

We all know the saying "Divide et impera" (divide and conquer) and I am telling you that divorce is practically inevitable the moment that you and your spouse separate.

Staying together (safety in numbers, if you will) is your best defense if you want to Prevent Divorce.

See What Other Cheese Lovers Have Said

Has Your Marriage Soured?
Well, Give It Time!

And that would lead us directly to the big question, "So... do you like cheese?"

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How to Prevent Divorce  starstarstarstarstar
I really liked this post, but I also want to add something.

Don't just "hold your nose" and wait. To get good curdles to eat with peaches you can't ...

Marriage is Tough  Not rated yet
This is beautiful! I love it! I 100% believe it too!

Marriage is tough. But it's not supposed to be all peaches and cream (no pun intended). Somehow ...

Staying Together  Not rated yet
Wow, that was truly inspired!!! I am waiting for the cheese!! Been married for 25 years and watching everyone around me throw out the milk and run to the ...

Marriage Problem Advice (future!)  Not rated yet
I like cheese.

I hope my future marriage will be the equivalent of a Danish Blue.

Divorce Not a Solution!   Not rated yet
I'm glad I stumbled onto your post. I would say that is one of the best analogies I have ever heard.

My wife and I have been separated for over a year ...

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