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Will It Work?

You want to try something new, something a little risky. But you want to know for sure, "Will it work?" before you waste your energy. You know, this is a question that really no one can answer.

If you said to me, "So... I was thinking about selling rocks," I would, quite frankly, think that you stored those rocks in your head. My helpful advice to you would be to have it examined.

Of course, we all know NOW that idea of the "Pet Rock" made millions of dollars!

And it's not just rocks that folks like me doubt either. Things that seem like obvious "sure winners" to us now were laughed at back when.

cartoon of two penguins contemplating flying. You can't succeed unless you try!

Eh, That'll Never Work!

  • Cars?

    It was insisted that cars "wouldn't work". Most people hated the idea. They much preferred their horses. I do too, but having a car makes it much more convenient to forget things at the grocery store. Could you imagine just getting back from a three day journey only to discover that you forgot toilet paper?

  • Telephones?

    It was told to me that my grandmother refused to throw her money away on an investment in a brand new company called Bell. Well, now I know why she never called.

    A lot of people hated the idea of the phone and refused to have one saying that it was an intrusion of their privacy. They preferred telegrams - now we're talking.

  • Talkies?

    After Al Jolson uttered the infamous "You ain't heard nothing yet" in the first film with sound, folks still weren't hip to the idea. Even as more "talkies" were being produced, the industry insisted that it was only a fad. You know, I could have been a famous singer on the big screen if those guys were right.

So we have things that appear to have a snowball's chance in H.E.double toothpicks (like the crazy rock idea) and we can have the opposite as well. Things that are (or at least, seem to be) absolutely fabulous and yet go nowhere. Why? Who knows!

"Will it work?' can only be answered by your belief that it CAN work and then by giving it a try (maybe even quite a few tries at that!).

One thing's for sure, if you don't think it can work it won't.

Sure, "will it work?" does have a very definite answer in some cases. Such as, "Will it work if I jump from an airplane and flap my arms?"

Okay, the definite answer is, NO. But, from that not so good idea you could get the notion to invent a parachute - and that just might work!

Jumping from a plain aside, what's the worst that could happen if you just try? You're out some time, some effort, some money? Big deal!

What's the worst that could happen if you don't try?

Some folks may dabble in their idea - to "test the water", so to speak, only to throw in the towel.

But... if you're willing to dip your toe in, jump in with both feet, or flat out take the plunge, you very well may need that towel to dry off - so you'd better keep it handy!

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