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Greetings, oh followers of Behind the Scenes with Dr. Julia! (That's a little weird - huh? Just pretend I said, Hi, and move on.)

This section is where we hope to appeal to the masses. The masses being you, our three subscribers. It's a place to comment or discuss the topics covered in Behind the Scenes with Dr. Julia.

We're calling it BTS CHAT for short.

You can too, just make sure that you don't leave out the "T" between the B and the S - okay?

Maybe you saw the movie we recommended in the Peck of the Month and want to add your thoughts.

Or maybe you just want to add your two cents to the funny advice or to the Dr. Juliaism of the month.

Yak about the characters

or the monthly battles of the They Said - She Saids or the monthly interviews - whatever you found interesting.

Whatever you want. This is your section!

Of course, Dr. Julia and I would have a great time just chatting about each issue with you!

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Tell us what you thought about this (or any) issue of
Behind the Scenes with Dr. Julia.

Your great comments will be here for us to read and respond to. Your lousy comments will be deleted by Dr. Julia before anyone even gets to read them, including me! But if you must send them, please do! We will love hearing from you nonetheless!

Lora and Dr. Julia

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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It's Noevember!  starstarstarstarstar
One thing that a performer NEVER does is acknowledge a mistake during their performance.

A musician skips a bar, plays out of tune, or repeats the ...

Who's mug is under that sheet?  starstarstarstarstar
Well, after reading this month's newsletter I have a few quick observations: #1) That wasn't Boris? #2) is that a Hershey's bar? #3) where do I get that ...

Caption Contest! Votes So Far!   starstarstarstarstar
That was the LAST Update on the votes that I'm going to let you see... I've decided. I think it will be fun to torment you.

The vote count below ...

Caption Contest!   starstarstarstarstar
So, I said that I was going to put this photo in the next issue of Behind the Scenes With Dr. Julia , but I lied. You'll find that I do that from time ...

Dr. Julia E-cards From a Secret Admirer!  starstarstarstarstar
Dr. Julia,

Your e-cards are great! They are very insightful and deal with real life issues. I think we can all appreciate that! However, I must say,...

Funny Articles and Cartoons  starstarstarstarstar
Dear Lora & Dr. Julia,

I loved your newsletter with those funny articles and cartoons so much that I had to read it twice! I can't wait to see next ...

Great Job From The Fourth Musketeer!  starstarstarstarstar
Hi Lora and Dr. Julia.

I guess I'm that fourth guy that kinda tags along!

I absolutely love the newsletter! It's by far the best I've read, and ...

A Few of My Favorite Things.....  starstarstarstarstar
Besides "Harvey" being my favorite picture; the clip you chose fits in with the entire vibe of the newsletter. No bells needed! Can't wait for next month'...

July's Newsletter! (Subscriber Comment)  starstarstarstarstar
(From What To Do When a Bell Rings featuring Ivan Pavlov.)

This issue was even better than your first!!!! Did you see the episode of The ...

B.F. Skinner's "Project Pigeon"  Not rated yet
Misguided (from September's BTS Pet Peeves Featureing B.F. Skinner.)

Pigeon guided missiles? C'mon...... Crow's make more sense. I mean,...

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