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Have You Noticed?

Bag of chicken feed - we work cheep... Cheep, get it? Noticed the lack of ads, that is.

Some may think that we're cutting our nose and beak off to spite our face. Let's face it, ads can be a good source of income for any website.

It's not that I particularly hate ads or anything. As a matter of fact, I'm all for marketing. But here on Advice with Dr. Julia we've decided that ads were not in the best interest of our friends and visitors.

Dr. Julia and I wanted to make sure that you (and your child) could safely click on any page or link on this site without worry. So, no ads it is!

Of course, that also means no income.

Why Contribute?

Buy Dr. Julia some food!

Well, I can think of a million reasons why... but I'll just list a few...

Between getting Dr. J's coffee, taking photos of these crazy characters that frequent the office, and writing down everything I'm told to, my house is a wreck!

If a clean house is important to you, maybe you would click the feather duster over there and help me get a cleaning lady in this joint!

I'd be much obliged (and so would my family).

I could stand a little help in the barn, thank you. If you read our About Us page, you know that we have quite the menagerie.

Running this website, a household, and a barn is a bit daunting. You could greatly help out me and the gang by getting us a farm boy!

If I Had a Farm-boy...

I could be at Dr. Julia's beak and call even more (that's twice I used the "beak" pun - too much, you think?)

That means more coffee, more photos, and even more dictation for Dr. Julia. I wonder if that's a good thing.

If you're a big animal lover, I'm sure that you'd like to see all the critters in soft, clean straw, right?

Click the pitchfork if clean stalls are important to you!

My horses tip their hats to you.

Dr. Julia gets hungry too!

We All Gotta Eat...

Yes, even Dr. Julia.

As you can tell, Dr. Julia puts in a lot of time with her clients and answering letters from you, our visitors. Often times, she works straight through lunch... and dinner.

Chicken feed is inexpensive, yet extremely nutritious. There's absolutely no prep time involved, so it can be eaten on the fly at any time of day or night.

However, there is one negative when it comes to chicken feed. It tends to be on the messy side... and that's where the cleaning lady comes to mind.

But... if you're a health conscious individual and you'd like to make sure that Dr. J gets the proper nutrients click the sack of chicken feed.

Dr. Julia may even share some with me.

Clean House, Clean Barn, and a Messy Lunch...

But what do we get?

What do you get, you ask. Let's see if I can remember what it is that we do around here...

    Funny Advice
    Dr. Julia and I work together to bring you a bit of humor and advice for all of life's little monkey wrenches. You even have the opportunity to write in and ask Dr. Julia questions on just about any topic imaginable.

    Behind the Scenes with Dr. Julia is not only fun and colorful, but is quite informative and (dare I say) educational.

    Children's Stories
    Original stories and rhymes for children with full-color illustrations. Some stories with animations and coloring pages too.

    Funny Julia Chicken e-cards that you can send to whomever you wish, for any occasion.

    Interesting and engaging contests that give you a shot at winning rare Dr. Julia Chicken merchandise worth untold amounts... because no one has told us what they're worth.

    And then we have...

    This Site
    Funny cartoons, good, sound advice, and humor articles (covering a multitude of topics) all in a family friendly, Ad Free site!

And a Little Something Special...

Dr. Julia Screen Saver!

Dr. Julia Chicken's funny cartoon Screen Saver!

When you make a contribution of $10.00, Dr. Julia says thanks by giving you the Dr. Julia Chicken Screen Saver! Loaded with full-screen, colorful, funny pictures of Dr. J and her Clients, this is not your grandmother's screen saver! So maybe you ought to share the file with her too.

Speaking of file, we Guarantee that your Dr. Julia Chicken Screen Saver is VIRUS FREE! Just like our website, nothing but good, clean humor for you to enjoy risk free.

Dr. Julia Slide Show!

Dr. Julia Chicken funny slide show, How it All Started!

Your contribution of $20.00 is given a special "thank you" in the form of a slide show story called How it All Started. Over Seven Minutes in length and laughs!

A brief, entertaining biography on Dr. Julia told through colorful cartoons and humorous captions - I'm pretty sure you'll love it!

Or... Get Both Gifts!

Contribute $25.00 or more and Dr. Julia has insisted that you receive BOTH the The Dr. Julia Screen Saver and the How it All Started Slide Show!

Yes, there is a cost to running and maintaining this site. Yes, it is hard to work for Dr. J (as anyone who knows her will attest). So, any amount that you see fit would be appreciated!

I probably should use your generous contributions to cover my costs. However, I really want a cleaning lady, a farm boy, and something to eat.

Thank you for your support!

Lora & Dr. J

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