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Famous Phrases Contest Winner!

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Well, what can I say? We had quite a few entries for our Famous Phrases and Funny Sayings Contest. Unfortunately, only one can win.

I could type all day, but I suppose that you would prefer that I just hurry up and tell you who the winner is - right?

Okay, the Lucky winner is... I also could rearrange that statement and say the winner is Lucky.

Yes, a winner needs to be lucky in order to win, but our contestant's name actually is Lucky... so they claim.

Any way, Bob's Your Uncle is the phrase that soon will be carved in stone (actually, inked on paper) and framed for Lucky to display and enjoy for sometime to come.

Congratulations, Lucky!

Meet the Judges

Cartoon with Julia Chicken and four British judges with gown and wigs.

When I told Dr. Julia that we should try to get a panel of distinguished Judges to decide our winner, she knew exactly who she wanted for the task. Much to her chagrin, all four gentlemen were indisposed, as I thought they would, being Christmas time and all.

Thankfully, I was able to acquire the services of not four, but five willing and qualified Judges. Dr. Julia, although not thrilled about the lack of powdered wigs, was at least happy that she would not have to read the entries.

I would like to thank our judges for the time and effort they gave to help make this contest a success... despite my flubs!

The Real Distinguished Judges...
    Janine is a professional genealogist, a writer and an award winning digital photo restoration artist. She owns Landailyn Research & Restoration in Fort Worth, Texas. "I'm so totally boring." I don't think so, Janine!

    Paula Lyons lives in New Brunswick, Canada. She's been married for 17 years and has a 12 year old son. She enjoys reading, knitting, crocheting and has recently developed a passion for golf. A former car rental reservation agent, Paula runs her own Car Rental website business from home.

    Julie Borel is an attorney by trade and an arts and crafts enthusiast at heart. Her fun and informative website How To Arts and Crafts is filled with photos and step-by-step tutorials for an eclectic assortment of creative projects.

    Sheri Frey is happily married to her husband Tim and has 3 beautiful girls. She's webmaster to 3 great websites: Breast Feeding Magazine, Michign Vacation Destination, and HomeSchool Curriculum.org. On top of that, Sheri works as a part-time coach for SiteBuildIt!.

    Caroline Pointer of Family Stories.com is a wife and mom. She loves genealogy research and family history writing. Caroline was also the winner of our Caption Contest that we had back in September.

There's Most Likely "A Next Time".

Picture of a bag of chicken feed

Dr. Julia and I are hoping to have quite a few more contests before we leave this earth. If you'd like to make sure that you're in the know, subscribe to Behind the Scenes With Dr. Julia.

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