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Don’t Let Kids Have the Last Laugh
Get Advice
and a Sense of Parenting Humor!

It’s war, I tell you. Them against us! You must keep your wits (and some parenting humor) if you expect victory. These parenting articles just might help. You see, when your child is very young, you have no idea what they’re up to. But by the time they’re teenagers you find yourself shouting out, “Treason! Treason!”

They come disguised as helpless, innocent, chubby, toothless creatures.They study you, learn your weaknesses, and when the time is right – attack!

Not convinced that there’s a war on? Let me show you what we’ve uncovered. Maybe then you’ll believe!

Mission: Gain control of the kingdom

First Two Years

  • Prey upon their emotions - Pretend to need them. Be extremely cute.
  • Begin sleep deprivation tactics.
  • Learn their language.
  • Discover where household cleaning products are stored.

Years Three-Ten

  • Maintain control of their emotions - Employ occasional sicknesses and injuries.
  • Utilize persistence – Remember, “No” has no meaning.
  • Begin financial take-over tactics - Develop several costly interests such as ballet, karate, or music lessons.
  • Establish superiority – Frequently refer them to your flexibility, energy, and homework.

Years Eleven – Eighteen

  • Continue control of their emotions – Pretend not to need them.
  • Begin occupation campaign - Must achieve control of at least two rooms – a bedroom and their central bathroom will suffice.
  • Must gain access to car keys!
  • Continue plot for financial ruin - Ascertain the value of their home - seize the equity for college.

Ah... it all makes sense now – doesn’t It?

Dr. Julia has been observing children and their methods for years. A hidden camera in her office has captured some of the treasonous acts children are capable of. We will post them here. Study them.

I, on the other hand, am simply going to give you some basic parenting advice. Between Dr. Julia and me, you should be able to secure peace (and your parenting humor) in your kingdom.

What Are Some Topics Covered In These Articles For Parents?

  • Step Parenting – you might need to step back before you step in something!
  • Parenting Teens – you don’t recognize them? Are you sure they’re yours?
  • Parenting Toddlers – if you weren’t naughty, why are you the one in the corner?
  • Single Parenting – as long as you have your kids you’re never alone…no, really - I mean never alone!

You’ll get lots of advice for keeping your crown (and head) in these articles on parenting. So don’t throw your arms up in despair. Instead, take up arms and fight back with a little parenting humor!

Featured Articles

Early Child Development
Do you need an interpreter in order to understand your preschooler? Dr. Julia takes a look at stages of language development in toddlers.

Define Good Parenting Skills, Please - And Use It in a Sentence
What are "good parenting skills" anyway? This article should help clear up any misconceptions.

Dealing With Teenagers
If you've ever wondered what was going on inside a teenager's head, this article should give you at least a glimpse... and some parenting humor.

*Related Articles*

Parenting Toddler Question
From the Ask Dr. Julia section a writer asks what to do about a child that draws on walls. Dr. J gives an answer and a bit more.

Story Hour
Dr. Julia tells some short stories for children. Call the kids over for some colorful pictures and fun rhymes - if they're not already on your lap.

Personal Hygiene in the Workplace
If you're a stay at home mom, you just might need to take a look at this article! Moms "work" from home too, you know!

Parenting Advice from Dr. Julia!

Having a little parenting dilemma that you'd like to run by Dr. Julia? If you want parenting advice from a true blue expert (as opposed to someone that's had like two kids and both of which are under twelve) you're in the right spot!

I personally have six children. Dr. Julia has an easy dozen. I'm sure that between the two of us, we can point you in the right direction as well as give you a bit of parenting humor.

When You Need To Know... In A Few Days

You've been seeing people on Dr. Julia's couch all this time just wishing it were you, right? Right. Finally, it's your turn!

Grab your laptop, lie down (with your head propped up on some pillows so that you can see your keyboard) and Ask Dr. Julia what's wrong with you... I mean, ask Dr. Julia your question.

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Dear Dr. Julia,

I have a three year old son that loves to draw and color.
The problem is, every time I turn my back he draws on our walls!

I do ...

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