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Are There People In Your Life?
Then You Have
Relationship Questions!

We would have no relationship questions at all if people weren’t so weird. Unfortunately, the world is full of weirdos. Our family is loaded with them. We work with them. We’re friends with them. We’ve dated nothing but. Inevitably, if we marry, we marry them! They’re unavoidable.

If you have found yourself dealing with one of those afore said, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find funny articles that focus on relationship problem topics like love, friendship, understanding women (I said that to appease "them") dealing with men (that's more like it) Uncle Harry, or even that pleasant mother-in-law.

Throughout, you’ll come across Dr. Julia's clients in real, live situations that may, although subtly, offer you the best relationship problem advice - so this is where you'll really have to pay attention.

And special tidbits of advice come to you from Dr. Julia Chicken herself as you ask her relationship questions directly – a rare opportunity that can only be found here (She made me add that last part).

"Relationship Problem" advice is here for you. The Doctor is in!

Funny cartoon for relationship advice.

Relationship Humor... and HELP!

Think about this.

I’m pretty certain that the only weird person we can truly tolerate is ourselves. Really, how often do you get on your nerves?

When you talk to yourself, you listen. You never have trouble understanding what you mean. You think your jokes are amusing. In fact, sometimes you crack yourself up! You rarely criticize yourself. And when you do, you totally have your feelings in mind. You only give yourself advice when you want it. If you don’t take that advice, you don’t hold it against yourself. For the most part, you get on quite nicely with yourself.

But then, there are the other weird people. Do they treat you the way you treat you? You should say not! Do you treat them the way you treat you? Hmm... are you talking to yourself right now? Questioning the wording of that last sentence? Stalling for time?

Don’t worry. Doing “unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a pretty tough task. No one on this earth can really do it. But if we can admit that we too are a little odd, we’re off to a good start.

A lot of times we’re just innocent bystanders, minding our own business, when some nut comes along and tries our patience. Relationship advice is here for dealing with that weirdo, even if that weirdo happens to be you!

Featured Articles and Funny Relationship Advice

Funny cartoon of Dr. Julia Chicken and a snail. May I never forget the little people that made this all possible!

In Law Problems
Do you have trouble with your sister in law? How about your brother or father in law? Did I forget anyone? Oh yeah - Mother In Laws!

Do Men Listen?
Men listen to what interests them. Usually, what women say doesn't.

What Is Forgiveness?
Forgiveness is something very unique and special. Take a look at this article with Dr. Julia Chicken.

Understanding Women In Relationships
"Piece of cake," according to Dr. Julia Chicken. But women are like ice cream cake and can melt all over you!

*Related Pieces*

How To Be A Friend... To the Needy
In this question to Dr. Julia, a writer asks how to deal with her clingy friend. Dr. Julia offers some pretty good friendship advice, if you ask me. See for yourself.

Relationship Questions Answered Here!

Having some relationship trouble, are we? Dr. Julia not only has some advice and answers for your relationship questions, but a little humor to boot. Run your problem by us. I bet we can work it out together.

When You Need To Know... In A Few Days

You've been seeing people on Dr. Julia's couch all this time just wishing it were you, right? Right. Finally, it's your turn!

Grab your laptop, lie down (with your head propped up on some pillows so that you can see your keyboard) and Ask Dr. Julia what's wrong with you... I mean, ask Dr. Julia your question.

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