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Short Funny Love Poems

Made to Order!

You're just on the verge of complete sappiness.
Short funny love poems are here to prevent that!

Funny cartoon of Julia Chicken offering a funny love poem to a penguin just like Cyrano de Bergerac!

So, you're in love, are you? You want to express your love, but you can't find the words. You want to be romantic, poetic, but you have no knack for it.

Have you noticed that Dr. Julia has a way with words? Did you ever take a close look at her very long beak? If you're thinking Cyrano de Bergerac, you catch on fast.

Here is an excerpt from Edmond Rostand's play Cyrano de Bergerac. You will not have to read closely to see the amazing similarities between our two heroes of short funny love poems...

"Cyrano de Bergerac, that specter, that paragon,
That terror of trifles from Norway to Aragon,

Both genius and monster, unique, unexplainable,
He has every quirk and every virtue obtainable.

His clothes? As outlandish as his personality --
Three huge plumes for his hat -- 'To hell with frugality!'

Bizarrest of all the birds hatched out of Gascony -
Is your cause a lost one? You've only to ask and he

Will rush to defend you with wit and audacity,
With valor beyond mankind's normal capacity,

This dreamer whose vigor, whose kindness, whose verity
Are great as his nose -- God forgive my temerity! --

But truly that nose is the glorious cross he bears,
Like some raging sardonic demon's emboss he wears.

I've heard strangers cry, 'Wait--and we'll see it taken off!'
But that man's nasal destiny cannot be shaken of!"

Weird, huh? Practically Cyrano de Chicken!

Are You at a Loss for Words?

We've some short funny love poems for you!

That's right. Dr. Julia is here to help you out with your Roxane... or Rocky - whatever the case may be.

Let Dr. Julia do the talking for you. All you need to do is to stand there and look cute.

Give Dr. de Julia Chicken a little bit of info about your true love, and she'll write a love poem (albeit funny) that's sure to win their heart forever.

Examples of Dr. Julia's Original
Funny Love Poems

Just in case you doubt, we offer you some samples of Dr. Julia's wit and ability with love prose!

Love poem to a man...

I love you more than you could know
from the top of your head to the nail on your toe.

It matters not to me that you haven't much money
I'm sure that one day you'll get some, my honey.

Until that day I'll patiently wait
You'll need about a hundred for our very first date.

As soon as you get it, please give me a call
Oh, make it twenty -- you're so handsome and tall.

Love poem to a girl named Kathy...

You're under my skin -- you're a part of me, Kathy
You stick to my teeth like salt water taffy.

Our years together have been many and long
I've often wondered if perhaps I was wrong.

I've seen you in the morning -- I've seen you at night
With make-up, without make-up and caught such a fright.

And yet here we are still side by side
I couldn't love you more if even I tried!

If that's not convincing enough, go on and see the great Cyrano de Chicken's Actual Commissions Here!

Personalized Short Funny Love Poems

Dr. de Julia Chicken can and will give you the poem you search for - and make it personal to boot!

Tell us a bit about your true love. Include things like...

  • Their Name
  • Whether or not you're Married (and for how long)
  • If You're a "Secret" Admirer
  • New Relationship or OLD
  • Little Pet Peeves (yours or theirs)
  • Notable Physical Characteristics
  • Occasion (birthday, anniversary, or whatever Hallmark deems)
  • Notable Personality Traits (occupation, hobby, something they're good at - something they stink at)

You get the idea. Just some things that Cyrano de Chicken should know in order to write the best funny love poem for your special someone.

Dr. Julia will write you a very funny poem that just might make (or break) your relationship for only $10.00!

Just in case the love struck beat down Dr. Julia's door to enlist her poetic services, please allow up to three weeks for completion. In other words, don't wait until the last second for help!

By the way, if you know of some short funny love poems that you would like to add, go right ahead! We look forward to reading them too.

Funny Love Poems Will Win Their Heart

Or at least make them smile. Not to mention, having Julia de Chicken personally writing prose for you will earn you some brownie points, I'm sure.

So, go on and Ask Cyrano de Chicken!

Begin your typing in the box below below. A typing field will open once you click on it. If you're placing an order, Click the ? for instructions!

If you want to submit your own funny love poems - you may do that here too (at no cost, of course).

Enter Your Title

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Can you help me write a poem for my husband? It's our first wedding anniversary on 11th August. We got married in Central Park, New York,...

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Hi Dr. Julia,

Please help me express my love to my husband! He's been gone so long and I miss him very much.

Here is the data:

1. Jim

2. married ...

Funny Love Poem for a
Missing Tooth
Dear Julia de Bergerac,

My husband and I have been married ten years. His passion is flying, and he teaches it part-time while working as a realtor ...

Ode to my husband  Not rated yet
Dear Dr. Julia,

His name is Andre.

We have been married for 12 years in Dec, 2010.

He is a wonderful father and husband!

Jamie (our older ...

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