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Understanding Women in Relationships Doesn’t Have To Take a Lifetime

But it might... unless you get some help understanding women with Dr. Julia!

Do you think understanding women is impossible? You probably understand more than you give yourself credit for.

You say women baffle you? That’s actually a good start. It is also a bit of understanding right off the bat! You can safely say (with understanding), "Women are baffling."

I can tell you women are some strange cookies. First of all, I am one. Secondly, I know some women personally. Does this mean men are better?

Well, men are definitely "better" at football. But as far as the psyche goes... no, men are pretty nuts too.

Men and women are both nutty, each in their own special way. Today we’re going to focus on women. But your day, my man, is just an article away!

Now, we’re not going to talk about any particular personality traits. Here we’re going to focus on some common threads found in most (if not all) women. "Threads" is a good word choice, too. I mean, you sure don’t want to unravel a woman’s threads!

Hopefully you can get a little closer to understanding women in relationships by the time you’re through this article. If not, you may have to read it again.

understanding women turtle cartoon

Understanding Women:
Threads That Keep Her Together!

  • Women like to talk

    Everyone knows that women like to talk, but what men seem to forget is that as much as women like to talk, they liked to be listened to even more.

    You may think that there’s an awful lot of needless descriptions and detail in her conversations. And, maybe you could have made the same point in two sentences – tops.

    But those details are important to a woman, and you can bet your bippy that two years later (when you receive your pop quiz on the subject) if you don’t remember these details you will hear the words, "See? You never listen to me!"

    Understanding women is kind of tricky if you're not listening - you gotta give us that.

  • Women expect you to "know"

    Your response is usually, "What? Am I a mind reader?"

    For some reason, this is very common. "I shouldn’t have to tell you!" is something only a woman would say. And you can be sure to hear it when she’s mad.

    Really, there’s nothing you can do in this situation other than to ask and wait. You’ll find out soon enough exactly what you did wrong. Which leads us to...

  • Women keep a list of your deeds - good or bad

    It might not be on paper, but it’s all written down in her head. And don't let her forgetfulness at the grocery store fool you either. She may forget to buy toothpaste, but she'll never forget "what you said".

    Your "bad" deeds are sure to stay on that list for years and years, whereas, the good might only stick around for a couple of weeks - give or take a couple of weeks. This is probably #1 when it comes to understanding women in relationships.

    The only way to offset the "bad deeds" (that add up to a very lengthy list in due time) is to make sure you are totally forgiven (and it wouldn't hurt to do something wonderful at least once a month.)

  • Women are control freaks

    A man can not expect to live peaceably with a woman until he relinquishes all say as to his place in the household - which, if he’s lucky, might include a spot on the couch.

    Every room must be hers to do with as she pleases. The kitchen? Of course. Floral patterns in the bedroom? You bet‘cha ! The bathroom? Don’t even think about it.

    Unless there’s a garage or basement, you will never see another antler from a deer, no bowling trophies proudly displayed, and most assuredly, not that comfy bean bag chair of yours either.

    Do yourself a favor. Toss that cool clock (that looks just like the tree trunk it was made from) before she hits you over the head with it!

  • Women think they know what’s best for you

    and will offer advice on everything from your golf game (even if she doesn’t play she can still offer some pointers – right?) to how you can move ahead in your job, right down to how you should handle the country if you happen to be President.

    Then, of course, there’s the small stuff, like what you should eat, what you should wear, and what to do for your cold. I think it’s called "nurturing".

Obviously, with all the suggestions women have made over the years, there’s bound to have been some bad ones.

For a case in point, listen to this song!

Eve’s suggestion to Adam was the first time that a woman’s counsel was a little off, and throughout history we found it wouldn’t be the last time either.

Does this mean you shouldn’t listen to the woman in your life? Well, if she tries to get you to eat from a forbidden tree or keeps nagging about your "great strength" like sneaky Delilah, then I would have to say... don’t listen to her!

But, a smart, honest woman really can offer you some great insights and help you with "all" the decisions in your life. As long as you yourself use good judgment, her advice might take you to new heights... or at least keep you in clean underwear.

There’s a saying, "Behind every great man is a woman." There’s been a lot of takeoffs (and add ons) of this phrase by men and women alike. I thought it might be fun to make a little list of takeoffs of my own...

Understanding Women
When They’re Right Behind You!

Behind every great man behind the wheel of a car sits a woman giving him better directions

Behind every great man there’s a woman that fancies herself a ventriloquist

Behind every great man doing the dishes there’s a woman telling him that he missed a spot

Behind every great man that goes to work there’s a woman that’s told him what he should say to his boss

Behind every great man in a pair of matching socks there’s a woman that’s connected them… and threw away the ones with holes

Behind every great man that says something smart there’s a woman that will take credit for it

All right - I better quit while I'm ahead.

Well, there you go, guys. I’ve tried to give you a little "heads up" when it comes to understanding women in relationships. Do with it as you may.

But do remember... threads can tangle, fray, and become a knotted mess if you’re not careful.

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